We plan to dedicate a percentage of our profits to build sustainability and resilience in the village. We will be regenerating the land, getting carbon neutral, improving water management and planting food forests.

We will be contributing to the local community by offering work opportunities and by buying local produce. It’s also important for us to celebrate and support the historic and cultural traditions of the first people of the land.

Social Well Being

Everyone who becomes a member, or visits casually, has accepted our Village Code (a protocol of inclusive, open-minded and conscious action).

We offer collaborate decision-making using Loomio and resolve issues through a Village Council with mediation support when needed.

Space & Services

There will be many different areas for socializing or solitude. From fire pits to lounges for movie nights. There will be ample places to spend time throughout the day and night.

Laundry facilities will be provided along with fresh food supplies, morning smoothies and afternoon happy hours.

Activities & Events

We imagine there will be a feast of workshops, yoga, performances, food and wine extravaganzas curated by community members and event organizers.

The spaces can be used to bring people together, share and have fun. Annual events can be a key part of the community identity and exchange with others.

Apply to be part of the first Containerly village based in Northern California.