Imagine having your own work-friendly country retreat, where you can renew and refresh, without the isolation and expense of buying your own property.



We are building modern 40ft shipping container cabins and placing them on a shared property with facilities like coworking and activity spaces, communal kitchen, vegetable garden, swimming pool and lots of fire pits.

View the 360 tour of the living room.

The community of members who own these containers will be conscious open-minded and tolerant. To join, people can either buy their own container or buy shares in a container.

Membership Framework

Key audience: Ideally the community will be filled by people who can spend one or more months a year in the village; enough time to foster friendships and creative collaborations. There will be a mix of solopreneurs, remote workers and holiday makers. Some people will have a home in a city, while others will have packed up their belongings and become digital nomads.

Investment value: As a member you will benefit from renting your unit when you’re not there, as well as reducing vacation expenses by staying in your own guesthouse (rather than paying elsewhere).¬†

Participatory rights: The community will meet quarterly and members are invited to influence decisions on prioritizing major works and shaping the community code of living. This framework for relating will document the community standards and how we resolve issues as they arise. Read more about our ethos.

Financial transparency: We will provide an open view of the financial statements so you can feel secure about the viability and sustainability of the village.


Full members will have purchased a fully fitted out 40ft container along with a lease for a dedicated space in the village.

The shipping container house will be turn key, ready to walk inside to live. It will have a queen sized bed, full kitchen, shower, toilet, living room and outside deck with furniture and fittings (down to the last hand towel).

We have a standard base model with some customizable elements, as well as a premium offer with extra features.

We rent your cabin out for you when you’re not there – taking care of the marketing, guest communications and maintenance.

We will then¬†split the profit 50/50 (earning you an average of $100 per night). There will be dedicated storage lockers for you to put your special things while you’re away.

Full Members have the freedom to move their container out of the village (or sell it to an approved buyer) should they wish to leave.

Rental Opportunity

The village will welcome short stay guests alongside longer term residents. This ensures the financial sustainability of the village and promotes a flow of energy and inspiration to avoid stagnation.

The village will accommodate from 100 to 120 people at any one time.

Nightly rental fees for visitors will be in the $300-$350 range for a 40ft container that can sleep up 4 people. Weekly and monthly rates, and members packages, will help people save more money.

Here are some reasons people will stay in our village:

  • Ability to have a #workation by staying in a work-friendly vacation center with high speed internet
  • Visiting friends who are living in the village longer term
  • Staying in awesome shipping container conversions
  • Visiting nearby attractions
  • Attending an event (such as a company off-site) being held at the village

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently evaluating several locations where we can setup Containerly villages. Interested members can choose which place they prefer to be located.
The first property will be within a few hours drive of San Francisco.
We are currently inviting the initial founding members who will be provided with the full investment offer once we have secured enough interest to finance the project.
Yes, we’d love to help you find the financing you need. There are several providers who can offer tiny home loans based on the valuation of our containers.
We have a standard model and a luxury model so we can present a consistent rental offering. It also allows us to manage the maintenance and replacements more easily.
There are some customization options to choose from and if you want to upgrade aspects, or do additional customization it can be done for an additional fee.
When you join as a Full Member you have access to your cabin for up to 9 months maximum each year.

In order to provide high quality facilities and services usage fees are charged to members on a sliding scale beyond the first 30 days.

Yes. People who want more privacy and solitude will be able to choose a more remote placement for their container. Early members will have the greatest selection of options.
You can sell your container and cancel your membership at any time. Moving the container somewhere else is also an option as they are fully portable.
We will make some places available to people who have their own tiny home already set up. There will be a limited number of these and availability can change. Please do apply and let’s talk through the opportunity.
We will put in place a community code that details the protocols for conduct and a streamlined and inclusive way to process and resolve issues. We will use tools like Slack for communications and Loomio for consensus building. In addition, we will have a professional mediator on call to help us work through any knarly challenges.
We’re certainly open to children and fur babies.
Please consider the limited size of the containers, as that might influence your decision on whether it will meet the needs of a growing family.
The Village Code will outline how people need to manage fur babies to make sure no one is impacted negatively.